AnonOps Network Rules

Channels may have additional rules not covered here. If you're unsure, ask in that channel. Breaching network rules generally results in a network wide ban.
  1. When requested, please use English in channel. We have international channels. We realize you may speak another language, respect that we do, too.
  2. If you're an asshole, we will treat you like one.
  3. Don't spam or flood the channels, use of ascii art is spam. If you want to paste a link to your personal site, twitter, or channel ask first. Please do not advertise other IRC networks here.
  4. User bots or scripts with public triggers are not allowed unless authorized by staff, and are following the rules stated in #bots.
  5. No multiple connections from your location. As a user you only need 1 connection. Exceptions can be made for valid reasons such as bouncers, VPNs. Join #help and speak to an IRCop.
  6. Child pornography is expressly FORBIDDEN everywhere. See https://anonops.com/aup.html for more information.
  7. Carding or sharing of marketplace/payment service login information in any form is FORBIDDEN everywhere.
  8. Do not impersonate another user or use oper nicks in your own.
  9. We are not a marketplace, do not try to advertise, sell your botnet, or other services here.
  10. Do not use URL shortening services, paste the full URL.
  11. IP harvesting in any form is not allowed, we cloak user IPs for a reason.
  12. We do NOT allow any user to connect any type of ddos/flood/spam bots to this network.
  13. Do not ask for personal information from other users.
  14. Absolutely no doxxing of any user, this includes posting your own information and reposting personal information, names, addresses of any user's information accidentally or intentionally posted in a channel.
These rules are found on our network by issuing the command /rules in your client once you have joined.