Contacting network staff

The fastest way is to connect to the IRC on webchat and join #anonops and ask in there. Someone can usually point you in the right direction. For general questions about using IRC click HERE. If your question is unanswered, try the #help channel and inquire there. Most of the admins monitor that channel. If all those steps fail, type !staff in #anonops PM one of the staff members online. The network admins are usually quite busy so do this LAST not first. You can also ask one of the channel operators. Staff can also be reached by email.
To contact a particular staff member by email, use (nick) Check the staff page for GPG keys for a particular staff member.
General comments can go to

Contacting operations coordinators

Those guys are usually in their operation's channel. First place to look. They are the ones with the little symbols next to their names. Start by typing their name in the channel and wait for a reply. Be patient, people are busy.

Contacting on behalf of a media/press

If you are a media representative, you may join the #reporter channel. There you will find helpful staff and others who can answer your questions and provide some direction. Be prepared to confirm your identity if they ask for it. Can't be too careful who you talk to these days.

Contacting RadioAnonOps

Join #radioanonops on IRC and speak to one of the channel op. One of the DJ's may also be able to help you. Doesn't hurt to ask. Wanna be a DJ? Ask in the channel.
To contact radio staff using GPG click here to obtain public key