IRC Clients

Yup, you will want one of these. All the coolkids use them so don't wait, get one. Hexchat is, of course, a very valid choice and best for beginners but there is also Irssi which is a very feature rich and lightweight CLI IRC client. Some like IceChat and you Apple fanboys will probably like XChat Azure. Ask in #opnewblood for more info on clients and connecting securely. Point your client at irc.anonops.com port 6697 for SSL. Our webchat is full path SSL if you need help setting up your client. We no longer allow any non-SSL connections to our network.

How do I connect with IPv6 or Tor?

You can follow this tutorial for detailed instructions on how to connect with IPv6 and Tor. TOR access has specific requirements. READ THE TUTORIAL.

How can I SSL like a baws?

Depending on your client you may need to install additional software. This is why Hexchat is recommended as it includes SSL. Whatever the client you need to set it to irc.anonops.com port 6697. You have to accept invalid SSL certificates in your client, no one trusts those things anyhow. Our webchat uses full SSL encryption.

What is your logging policy?

We keep NO logs that could identify a user. This means that we do not keep any IRCd logs, services logs, BOPM scan logs, etc. No validation is required when registering a nick. The method used to destroy logs that cannot be immediately sent to /dev/null is a secure shred; log data is overwritten with random data then 0's. Good luck recovering that. We do however have the right to defend our servers. This means that if you decide to DoS/DDoS, Nmap/portscan, attempt lame exploits, bruteforce our SSH, bruteforce our oper passwords or do any skiddy crap, rest assured, you will get yourself logged by various IPS/defense systems. For more information please see here for more information.


If you didn't do anything to get a ban but you still get that message, chances are your IP is on a blocklist. We use blocklists to protect our network from floods and various other things. You can try talking to an IRCop in #help if you want to have a network ban removed (You obviously need a different IP to do this). Note that we do not control the contents of the blocklists we use but we can point you to the people that do.

VPNs and Bouncers

Some are good, others not so much but we wont name names here. Suggest that you join #opnewblood for information on this subject, too. Some smart people in there. Useful links are in the topic. Check those first. If you still have questions, ask the channel operators for more info.

Why do you ban TOR/Open Proxies?

Tor exit nodes are now banned, summerfags killed what was left of the working ones. We have been forced to specifically blacklist exit nodes. Many people are of the opinion that exit nodes are sniffed and therefore insecure. In other words cleartext data over TOR is visible. We have setup a hidden service for people that want to use TOR to connect to our network. See here for information on specific clients. TOR access has specifc requirements. READ THE TUTORIAL. Protip: Even opers with shell access to the tor node cannot see what your real IP is. This is a good option for you tinfoil hat people. We run a BOPM to detect open proxys and the connection will be refused. Open proxies are commonly used for floodbots and really are not that anonymous anyway.

How do I become an IRC operator or a server owner?

Because of the nature of our network and the huge fluctuations in user count throughout the year we add IRCops when we feel that our current team is too stretched and needs help. We take numerous things into consideration when adding IRCops, probably the biggest factor is trust, do we know you, etc. Anyone who asks/begs for IRCop is generally told to take a hike as chances are you are 12 years old or a fed. Either way, DON'T ASK. Although we are very happy to accept donations, we do NOT accept donated servers. Owning a server means that you have access to user information on our network and this makes us uncomfortable. Our users value their privacy and we do our best to provide an environment that is secure. In other words, we won't link you no matter how many times you ask. We have a general policy of not linking other IRC networks for the aforementioned reasons, and because we think AnonOps is pretty unique.

OMG ima l33t h4x0r! Um, can you show me how?

Yeah, sure you are. This question is asked so often, it deserves mention here. While we may not agree with everything and everyone, we will fight for your right to talk about it all you want. A number of channels have this as a topic. Try our automated #tutorials channel in IRC for a starting point and go from there. Lurking is a good, too. Type /list and check out the different channels.

How do I do cool IRC things?

We have a lovely feature called helpop. Simply type "/helpop" to see available commands, or "/helpop command" to see detailed info. Or if you are looking for help with nickserv or chanserv use "/ns help" for nickserv, "/cs help" for chanserv, etc. More info is available here.