About AnonOps

The AnonOps IRC network was created in 2010 by a small group interested in establishing a safe, secure platform for free discussions of ideas. We grew out of the original SaveThePirateBay operation that began in September 2010. The network is operated by a small but very dedicated group located around the world who donate their time and resources to make it available to any individual or group that requires real time, unmonitored communications. We strive for a self moderating environment - we do not wish to control the topics discussed therefore only limited moderation is provided and only in some channels. We have a few but very important rules that cover most all situations. Information is available here or join the IRC and inquire there.

Due to an increasing amount of a particular type of operation we have clarified our policy on linking certain undesirable content within the channels.
Click here for this additional information on what type of links are disallowed.

If you require further information click here for contact information.