Welcome to the donation page!

We provide our network because we want to. Not for fame or shameful self promotion, but because we saw a need for a place free from censorship and government intrusion. A place where all ideas and subjects could be discussed openly by anyone of a like mind. But hey, lets not kid ourselves: servers aint free. Any amount you could spare would be greatly appreciated!! Join #help on IRC and speak to someone there for further information.

Bitcoin Donations

If you prefer to donate with bitcoins, you can send your donation to 1KCvuPc3Afn6iCM2MLPjXpZD7vnubXupLF.

Ukash & Paysafecard Donations

If you prefer to donate with a ukash or paysafecard voucher, you can send your ukash/paysafecard voucher donation to donate@anonops.com.

In-Kind Donations

If you have other items you wish to contribute; hosting, domains, etc., join on IRC and contact network staff in the #help channel.
If no one is available, type !staff to see who is online and send a private message.

How do I donate a server?

Although we are grateful for all your help, the donation of servers is not accepted. This is because owning a server means that you have access to user information on our network and this makes us uncomfortable. Our users value their privacy, and we do our best to provide an environment that is secure. In other words, we won't link you no matter how many times you ask so please STOP ASKING. We also have a general policy of not linking other IRC networks for the aforementioned reasons. Also because we think AnonOps is pretty unique.