At AnonOps we usually don't accept user bots, but sometimes we make exceptions.

The rules

    • Every bot needs to join #bots.
    • Bots need to be identified/registered with NickServ and need to have the usermode +B. (/mode nickhere +B).
    • Before you join any bot on the AnonOps network you need to notify a staff member first. Do !staff in a channel.
    • Bots are strictly forbidden to join any AnonOps official network channels (example: #anonops, #help, #news,...).
    • Bots are not to join a channel without the permission of the channel owner.
    • Harmful scripts or scripts that flood any users/channels are also not allowed (including notices, CTCP etc.).
    • Bots cannot be used for general channel tasks (give op, remove op, actually everything that can be done with ChanServ/BotServ)
    • Bots are forbidden to use any of the following command prefixes (! , . $ @) as they are reserved. Don't even.
    • Peforming whois on user joins is not allowed.

Official bots

Nickname Prefix Owner
Effexor . Aeon
Egg , Aeon
Meow $ Aeon
News @ Aeon
InfoBot - Aeon